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Easter Sunday Service

The church we are currently attending has a contemporary service in an auxiliary room in the church complex. Usually there’s not more than a 100 people there. The Pastor is in his 30s, sings and plays guitar and is one fantastic preacher.

My wife and I enjoy the regular services very much and love the music, the energy and emotional impact of being there.

This Easter Sunday the singing was very moving. Each of us felt it at one time or another. The story and power of the resurrection story combined with the voices and the songs brought each of us to tears at one time or another.

It’s at times like these that I rejoice in our shared faith. While neither of us may be the most righteous christians, we both share FAITH; and have learned at times that you cannot overcome life’s challenges without it.

We haven’t been going every Sunday like we did we I played in a praise group, but we go as often as we can. You see some people there that only come on Christmas and Easter and that’s OK too. It’s not for us to judge them and we don’t.

In truth it’s much better to just be happy that more people were able to come today and participate in this marvelous celebration of praise and worship. Perhaps they were as moved by the poignant lyrics, beautiful voices and feeling of joy that we were.

I hope so, it was a really wonderful way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.