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Love is Simple and Beautiful

I am not the most romantic of men.  I’m trying though and anyway I figured I had my sense of humor to fall back on. At least I once thought myself to be funny, witty and that was why my wife loved me. In a recent poll on another blog I found out different. When she was asked about how I did on the humor scale I came out below the middle. This of course surprised me.

My mate told me I was a pretty serious guy most of the time and that was OK, but I was not all that funny.

Well, isn’t that just like someone you love to tell you the truth. So I’m working on being more intentionally humorous. I need to lighten up and since I know it now, I can work on it. The great thing is she loves me even though I’m not as funny as I thought I was. So if I increase the humor it just gets better; right?

She’s asleep beside me as I write this short post and every now and then she makes a Little sleep noise. I have listened to her in her sleep for over 25 years and still love her and the little noises. At times she has dreams that cause her to jump or breathe a little faster. That’s when I gently wake her and tell her it’s all right, I’m right here and she’s just dreaming. I know this is simple thing, yet for me these simple things are what love is all about. 

The movies tend to portray love as all passion and fierce encounters. Sure, when you’re young that’s part of it. But lasting love has to be built on a more solid foundation that just passion. You really have to like your partner, want to care for your partner and you have to enjoy the simple pleasure of just being with them. If you have that then your love is truly simple and beautiful. It doesn’t get any better than that. 


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