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Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry.

You just have to mean it. Simple sincerity is the key and nothing else is necessary.

Of course a little humor doesn’t hurt as long as you’re making fun of yourself. Most people will, when apologized to and made to understand your contriteness of spirit and willingness to make it up, accept an apology for some wrong you may have done them.

The severity of the incident and the time it will take to get over it make a big difference too. Sometimes in the blogging world that severity is not too bad and the time necessary to forgive and start to forget is negligible.

I know this because I involved myself in a situation recently that saw me on the wrong side of an argument or at least let’s call it a disagreement. In this case my feelings got hurt over what I considered a slight and an inference that my writing was less than ethical. I am not near the hot head I was 10 or 20 years ago, but I will still heat up quickly if I think I’m being treated rudely, unfairly or talked down to in any way.

My response in this case was to get on my high horse, fire off a retaliatory e-mail, making my case and standing on my principles. Then I wrote a blog post condemning the other party for being snobby and self -righteous. The next thing that happened was the issue became moot and my making a potential enemy of someone who I both respected and needed as a friend on the web made me seem a complete fool.

I immediately wrote an apology and even mentioned I would be eating a little crow that evening. What else could I dol? In this case I  had been just about totally wrong and had jeopardized something far more important for a principle that never even came into play! Does it get much dumber than that? Probably not, he answers to himself.

So I have done my best to make amends and that always starts with sincerely being sorry and then letting the other party or parties know that. Men especially seem to have this problem with their wives, girlfriends and female co-workers. We need to get over it guys. Nothing is more useless that bad feelings caused by the inability to recognize when you’re in the wrong. It may be unpleasant and an ego stomper sometimes, but usually that’s just what’s called for.

At times a good swift kick in the proverbial butt is what it takes to make us see clearly. Right after that should come a very sincere and heartfelt apology. Sometimes you will  find yourself thanking the other person for keeping you from making an even bigger mistake.

This has been one of those days for me. I’m happy to say I’m still not too old to learn a needed lesson when put before me like today. I just hope I can remember this one well enough to not repeat it any time soon. There is a whole world of other things I can do wrong if need be and of course the glorious opportunity to do a few things right as well.



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